Frequently Asked Questions

What's an Enrolled Agent?  Enrolled Agents (EAs) are America’s tax experts!  The Enrolled Agent license is an elite credential issued by the Internal Revenue Service to professionals who demonstrate special competence in federal tax planning, individual and business tax return preparation and representation matters.  An Enrolled Agent license is the highest credential awarded by the IRS and is recognized across all 50 states.  (Attorneys and CPAs are licensed by states.)

Can you prepare State Income Tax Returns?  Yes, an Enrolled Agent can prepare and file any State return.

Why do you charge by the form? We believe it puts a fair value on our service.  Also it frees us to engage our clients in a meaningful dialogue to achieve the best possible tax deductions the client is entitled to without the fear of "billable hours" hanging like a dark cloud over our back and forth.

Will you charge me for a quick question?  Well if it’s really, truly, and honestly a quick question then no, we won't.  If it’s one of those “quick question” dog-and-pony-shows that run 30 minutes or more or requires research then we’ll have to punish you by reading to you the instructions for various IRS forms and schedules.

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?  It costs less to have us do after the fact bookkeeping than to hire someone part-time.  Plus we know what we’re doing and won’t leave a mess to untangle at tax time.

Why should I outsource my Payroll?  Because payroll is a pain in the neck and sucks up all your time, and who needs that when they're trying to run a business?   Our Payroll Relief is super awesome and will completely liberate you.  Trust us, it’s that good.  Really.

I haven't filed my income tax in years.  What should I do?  Crack open a beer or pour yourself a big glass of wine and relax, enjoy yourself one last night.  The next day you have to suck it up and contact a tax professional to get caught up as soon as possible.  (PS:  bring cash to pay your preparer for their services.)

I received a letter telling me I'm going to be audited!  What do I do?  You’ll need to break out the hard liquor for this one.  Have a stiff drink (or two or more).  When you're sober the next day call a tax professional.  Don’t represent yourself – you’ll just make a bigger mess.

I'm not a franchise business, so why do I have to file and pay the Texas Franchise Tax?   "Franchise Tax" is a clever way to say “Business Income Tax” without calling it a business income tax.  See, it is clever - fooled you, didn’t it?

What does your complimentary tax review include?  We will look over the return you filed and have a good laugh at your expense. It may or may not be to your advantage to file an amended return.  We will explain your options, so you can choose the best course of action.

How much will it cost to prepare my taxes?  Depends.  We bill by the form – see Our Tax Preparation page for specific pricing.  There are additional fees for whining, complaining and crying.

What’s the difference between “tax avoidance” and “tax evasion”?  Tax Avoidance saves you from paying taxes you aren't required to pay.  Tax Evasion sends you to prison (and you still have to pay your taxes).

Why should I hire a tax professional?  Can’t I just do it myself with software?  Software isn't going to say to you "Hey, I see you had this income last year - did you forget to include it this year? Can you double check that for me?"  And software doesn't have years of training or experience to guide you and assist you to achieve the best deductions are entitled to claim.  Besides, software is annoying - just look at autoconnect on your morning phone when you test your fiends and familiar.

I heard from a friend / famly member / co-worker / read on social media…  Yes, all our favorite questions start out that way.  Ask a tax professional before you do something you'll regret.