Bookkeeping Solutions

Bookkeeping Solutions start at just $169.95 a month.

Our Bookkeeping includes:

  • Entering transactions for and reconcilation of all your accounts
  • Production of Financials
  • Phone and Email Support

Anytime Anywhere (ATAW) Report Access, Accounts Payable and Receivable Services are also available for additional fees.  Just ask and we will include them in your quote.


  • Our flat rate pricing is based on volume.  We will calcuate the total number of transactions you need each month and give you an estimate.    
  • We will need the statements for all of the accounts you wish us to reconcile in order to provide you with a price estimate:  
    • Bank Account(s)
    • Credit Card Account(s)
    • Lines of Credit, Mortgage or Other Loans, Investment Accounts, etc.


  • Need help getting caught up?  We can help!  We offer Project Bookkeeping to get you caught up, balanced, and reconciled, so you can get back to growing your business.  
  • Use this service once a year to prepare for income tax season or use it only one time to get a solid foundation for your books.
  • Project Bookkeeping is also billed at a flat rate that is specific to your situation based on volume of transactions.  Bring all your stuff to us and we'll give you a quote.