Registered Agent Solutions

Secret Agent?  Awesome!!

  • No, not Secret Agent.  That's Registered Agent.

Oh.  What's a Registered Agent?

  • A Registered Agent receives all the critical documents served on your company.  As your Registered Agent, Solutions Tax & Bookkeeping becomes your local expert for handling all things compliance related.  You won't have to worry or guess about due dates for important annual filings either.  
  • And those little visits from the Sheriff or Constable for a service of process (legal summons or lawsuit notice)?  Well, they come to us not to your house or place of business.  
  • Don't trust a big company to act as your Registered Agent!  Use your local, trusted advisors.

What happens if I don't have a Registered Agent?

  • You'll be tarred and feathered.
  • Seriously though, the Texas Business Organizations Code (“BOC”) requires every domestic or foreign filing entity to maintain a registered agent and office in Texas.
  • Failure to appoint or maintain a registered agent and registered office may result in the involuntary termination of a domestic filing entity or the revocation of a foreign filing entity’s registration to transact business in Texas.
  • Sounds scary doesn't it?  That's a fancy way with a lot of words to say the State can and will close your entity if you don't have a Registered Agent.

Registered Agent Services

  • One (1) Year of Registered Agent Service - $135.00

What if I already have a Registered Agent? 

  • You can easily change your Registered Agent at any time!

Change your Registered Agent Service:

  • Change of Registered Agent Request: - $21.95 
  • Fee Due to State for Change of Registered Agent Request - $15.00